Retired LAPD Detective
30 Years of Service

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Moses Castillo
Senior Detective
Phone: 818-788-4919
Email: [email protected]

Moses Castillo

Moses Castillo

Chief Investigator

Decorated veteran Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective, Moses Castillo, is retiring from the force after nearly 30 years of service. He will begin a new chapter of his career later this month as chief investigator for the Dordulian Law Group personal injury firm in Glendale, California. Castillo’s experience includes years of investigating and closing sex crime cases, and he will be assisting the Dordulian Law Group accordingly given the surge in lawsuits filed following the passage of AB218 in January.

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In Perspective 

Always remember, as Moses clarifies, you — the survivor — are never at fault. We are here as your advocates, to fight for justice on your behalf. We will not stop until justice is served.

Fueled and Motivated by Empathy for Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Dordulian Law Group’s Chief Investigator, Detective Moses Castillo, explains how his empathy for survivors of sexual abuse motivates him to obtain justice and ensure the abusers face the harshest criminal penalty under the law.

Moses explains how every case requires 100% focus and effort, and that each case is treated accordingly. Additionally, after justice is obtained on behalf of survivors, Moses explains how he often establishes an ongoing relationship with the survivors he has helped.

Moses notes that, “We are going to walk with you through this process, to not only allow you to heal, but to secure a deserved financial settlement for your pain and suffering. That is the ultimate goal.”

In The News

Serving Los Angeles Community


“Investigating and Prosecuting Sex Crimes” — he gave to Los Angeles community leaders, which she attended. Lacey described Detective Castillo and the presentation as “compelling…a very fascinating and informative lecture.” Additionally, Lacey expressed her appreciation for Castillo’s “willingness to share [his] expertise and to provide an outstanding learning opportunity for professionals who work in this difficult field [sex crimes].”

Jackie Lacey

Current District Attorney, Los Angeles County

“An exemplary officer,” adding, “I have seen him teach the subordinate officers and have seen how these officers listen to his direction and advice.” When recommending Detective Castillo for promotion, Hobbs said he “commands the respect and trust of all those who meet him.”

Judge Lynne M. Hobbs

Former Deputy District Attorney & Current Superior Court judge, Los Angeles County

“One of the most dedicated and capable investigators I have had the pleasure of working with,” adding that she was “amazed at Detective Castillo’s tenacity and commitment to justice.”

Alison A.W. Meyers

Former Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County

“Respected, as a person and professional, by colleagues, defense attorneys, and judges.” She also expressed her admiration for his dedication, saying he “makes himself available to provide whatever support and investigation is necessary until the case is resolved.”

Stacie Gravely

Former Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Detective II Moses F. Castillo

November 4, 1991 – July 18, 2020 (Sworn Police Officer)

October 7, 1989 – November 3, 1991 (Reserve Police Officer)


LAPD Reserve Officer – Worked as an undercover decoy for Alcohol Beverage Control task force in Hollenbeck, Rampart, Newton and Southeast Areas. 

October 1989 – November 1991


Police Recruit Officer – Chief Daryl F. Gates’ last graduating class and only the second academy class in LAPD’s history to be activated during civil unrest in the April 29, 1992 LA Riots.

November 1991 – November 3, 1991


Assigned to Hollenbeck area patrol.

May 1992 

Assigned to an undercover assignment at Juvenile Division’s School Buy Program, also known as the real “21 Jump Street.”

July 1992


Hollenbeck area patrol and gang unit known as CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums).

July 1993

Assigned to Personnel Division’s Background Investigations conducted pre-employment background investigations on police applicants.

August 1995


Assigned to Juvenile Division, Juvenile Narcotics Section.

January 1998


Promoted to the rank of Detective, assigned to Newton Sex Crimes.

May 1999


Assigned to Robbery & Homicide Division’s Rape Special Section.

May 2000


Assigned to Juvenile Division’s Abused Child Section (ACS). Promoted to Detective Supervisor in December of 2005 and worked ACS along with the Sexually Exploited Unit and Internet Crimes Against Children.

June 2005


Assigned to Central Traffic Division, Traffic Detectives Section.

August 2018


Retired from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

July 2019


Hired as Chief Investigator for the Dordulian Law Group personal injury firm in Glendale, California.

March 2020

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